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Hello!  Here's my story:

One day, I realized I had lost my confidence...I seemed to lose me . I didn't really even like myself. I felt overwhelmed, and at a loss with trying to make my life and marriage work.  I became fed up with the stress and frustration over 20 years ago, and decided to make my first call to a life coach. Although it wasn't easy to make the call, (I was so anxious about calling).... it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Life-changing is how I would describe it. I know personally that doing your personal work, works! My passion is to help you, without judgement, to move through your personal difficulties to a good place where you feel you're moving forward in confidence, happiness, and with a sense of clarity and direction.

The following are questions to help you figure out if you're on the right track in seeking work with me...

Have your circumstances changed, and you're not quite sure what to do next? Are you just not yourself lately? As a result, do you wish people would "just go away and leave you alone?" or do feel like the people around you are taking advantage of you, or maybe running over the top of you so you feel like a doormat? (Check out my "I was a people pleaser, are you?" button the left to get to know my journey)

Are you looking for a knowledgeable, confidential, and local coach to come alongside you and help you? I can help you...

Do you feel your life is lacking purpose and passion? Are you feeling lost or maybe a general sense that something isn't right, or that you don't know who you are or what you would like your life to be? Are you struggling to sleep, losing or gaining weight, feeling sad, tearful, hopeless or anxious?

Do you wish your relationship could be all that it was in the beginning? Is the honeymoon over?

There are many reasons why we all can use a little help during times when our lives feel unmanageable. You're not alone! I will support you, challenge you and together we will move you forward to a better place. I will help you find a new and effective way to manage your life and emotions. I can help you get your life and/or relationship to a place where you feel it is satisfying, even amazing! You can experience peace and happiness as well as self-confidence. Take a look around this site and learn about me and the services I offer because a 'good fit' with me will help you me, I've been to coaches I didn't feel a connection with --and it was frustrating, one coach even stared at me without talking for 3 sessions. :/

Call me or email or text me for a free phone consultation and you will be able to determine if we would be a good 'fit,' or I will be happy to help you find another coach.

Is your schedule busy and you would benefit from Confidential Online or Phone Coaching? We can make that happen!

I can help you make and accomplish your life goals, improve your relationships, experience inner-peace, overcome negative, racing thoughts, and improve your life.

As a wife, mother of three, and a trained therapist and life coach, I know how challenging life can be. I will teach you how to have success in your relationships. My clients tell me they feel heard, valued, and empowered by the direction I provide, and feel like they're talking to a trusted friend.

It is clinically proven that individuals and couples who commit to working through their problems in a safe counseling relationship can begin to experience more happy, satisfying, authentic, and peaceful lives!

Coaching or Therapy is an investment in your SOUL!

How do you know if counseling is right for you?
  • Struggles – All of us face struggles in our life and some struggles challenge our ability to function at our best. If you feel stuck in your life, I can help you move forward again.
  • Relational – Do you have a relationship with someone who is difficult to communicate with and you end up in an argument every time you talk? I want to help you break through the walls that build up in conflict.
  • Anxious – If you feel anxious and you can’t connect your anxiety with anything you are doing, I want to help bring understanding and a course to relieve those anxious feelings.
  • Depressed – Sometimes depression can be present and you just lose your joy for life. Depression not dealt with can get worse; I want to help you with a plan to work through your depression.
  • Addicted – Addiction is a powerful force in life. It might be prescription drugs, alcohol, pornography, or eating; counseling can help find a path to recovery.
  • Stuck – Grief is a very normal part of our life, however, if you get stuck in your grief, I can help you process and move through to healing.
  • Marital – Many people seek counseling when their marriage is stressed or falling apart: counseling can help grow and heal broken relationships.

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