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For Couples

Hi! We are Steve and Cindy, and we have been married for over 30 years. Our marriage has had it's highs and lows like every relationship, including yours. We both have a passion for helping couples work through "fixable" issues.

Many couples feel like things just aren't working out, and one or both partners may even consider giving up....

We've been working professionally with couples for over 20 years and I can tell you without a doubt that we have answers to help you. We challenge you to give couple's counseling 6-10 weeks. Then after the initial few weeks are completed and you and your partner are seeing good, positive changes, we'll suggest you both come in for 'check-ups' at 6 months and then again in 2 years (couples especially appreciate the 'check-ups' because it leaves no room for going back to the same old, stuck ways! It's great accountability.)

Steve's Credentials:  BA Marketing; Master's of Theology; Certified Executive Leadership Coaching/Life Coaching

Cindy's Credentials: BA Social Work; Master's of Clinical Social Work; Executive Leadership Coaching/Life Coaching

Most couple's find that the greatest struggles at the "root" are quite common. Common complaints are lack of: affection, deep and honest conversation, admiration, recreational companionship, domestic support, financial issues, lack of satisfying sex, etc., and common annoyances for example, are no time for each other, angry outbursts, selfish demands, annoying habits, dishonesty, etc.

Our approach to couple's counseling is pro-active. Once we've identified your and your partner's greatest NEEDS and ANNOYANCES, we can begin the journey of repairing the relationship! And, by the end of the 6-8 weeks, most spouses/partners say that they feel HEARD, VALUED and UNDERSTOOD by their significant other more than ever before and their relationship is more deeply satisfying!

Recent statistics report that with each new re-marriage the percentage for success drops significantly. Based on the statistics, if you are able to work out the marriage/partnership that you are currently in, rather than moving on through divorce, it will be much more beneficial and also easier on the family in general. As we mentioned earlier, we've been married over 30 years and it has not always been as satisfying as it currently is. However, it hasn't just happened overnight! We've worked on our marriage through counseling and never gave up on each other or ourselves. We are so glad at this point in our lives to feel like we can work through just about anything and help other couples do it too. Marriage and partnership can work with support and guidance!

Sometimes, though, especially in cases of abuse, marriages/partnerships need to end. If you feel you're being abused, please seek help!

Call for consultation today! We have several options for you to choose from:

You may prefer meeting separately initially.....and then coming together for couple's coaching eventually.

You may prefer to meet with Steve for couple's coaching: (513) 806-2695

You may prefer to meet with Cindy for couple's coaching: (513) 706-5950

Individual couple's sessions with Steve OR Cindy are $300 for a 55-minute per session.

We both also coach ONLINE through secure video chat via Zoom or FaceTime, for your convenience.

ALTERNATIVE MOBILE COUPLE'S COACHING/THERAPY: We both will meet with you online to help you and your partner/spouse with the impasses you're experiencing, or maybe you just want to check-in with us and make sure you're having the best relationship possible! We have over 30 years of relationship experience, 20+ years working with couples with great success. 

These combined (w Steve and Cindy) sessions are 55 minutes/$425; 90 minutes/$600; 

**Savings Packages paid upfront: 4-55 minute sessions/$1600.; 4-90 minute sessions/$2250.

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