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Dear Cindy,
I wanted you to know what a wonderful difference you have made in my life, and as a result...the lives of my daughters. You showed me a path and sparked a light in my spirit I never knew existed or that I had a right to have on this path and in this spirit I am finding peace, joy and most of all hope. I am learning to be more accepting and forgiving of myself and therefore others as well.
Thank you for being you...and showing me how to find my way back to the person God intended me to be.

I can't believe I didn't ask for help sooner. Life Coaching has literally changed so much for me. I now have confidence! Finally! I'm no longer stuck and depressed. I love my life and I'm so thankful for you and your wisdom and how much you truly care and don't judge. I also loved all the personal stories you tell that make me know I'm not crazy! HAHA.
Thanks again!

Thank you for the work you do with people. My wife and I didn't think our marriage would work out, and we gave it one last ditch effort in calling you. You helped us see that we truly did love each other, and that we just didn't have the right tools to meet each others needs. Now, we really listen to each other and prioritize each other, and have a weekly "date night." Oh, and our sex amazing again! Thank you! R.H.

Cindy, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the therapy you provided. I never have felt more cared for and accepted for who I am from a therapist, and I've tried many. Thank you for helping me find my life, my passion, and my confidence! I will forever be grateful! S.L.

6 months ago

I've experienced many therapists in the past, but none as empathic and caring as Cindy. She is totally focused on her clients' well being and her experience and training showing through her approach. I highly recommend Cindy to anyone.

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